Member’s Brag Page

              Tapestry by Tina Fuller

20200304 132501

                                            Beaded                  flamingo bracelet by Beth

20200304 115215

Alice Spychalla's woven scarf

Alice Spycha;;a

The club had a guest visiting. This is Muriel Chapman’s grand daughter and husband, Lisa and Hank, visited the club today. They are visiting from Minnesota. Attached is a photo of her. 

IMG 0398

Pillow by Ann Gagner                                                                   Sorry i didn’t get the name of the weaver of this              scarf or runner. if it’s yours please let me 

know and i’ll label it. 

ann gagnoerjpg20200304 125418

2 bead woven bracelets 

by Beth Olive done for tapestry class. 

20200226 140631


the spinning Bee photos:

20200229 10123820200229 101234

front and back of the same bag. hand spun and hand woven with cotton. (i’m impressed with anybody who can spin cotton)

20200229 101329

i can’t remember how many hundreds of yards in this skein. it was all spun on one bobbin. impressive. 

sorry i didn’t get Linda’s face. seeing her was blast from the past. 

20200229 101200

Sandra Almgren showing off her shawl. 

20200229 100736

this is a close up of the shawl that was being show when i showed up. there are a million tiny beads knitted into the pattern.

and Christine showing off her bags. 

20200229 101129

Cathy hiding behing her Log Cabin towels.                                           Carol's poncho/shawl made on a rigid heddle loom. 

20200227 123350IMG 2768

Jan Bonnell’s coiling class is busy. 

Barb Freitag’s finished item.                                                    

barb freitag

starting from the left is Norma, Martha, Mary and Candy.

IMG 2040

tapestry class photos

Tina working her way thru my tapestry book.                   Sharon exploring Soumak textures. 

20200219 14420520200219 135130

Ellen Williams wove this for her grandson’s wedding gift. 

Detail view

Ellen20200217 090408

Marty’s basket weavers are getting very creative.

IMG 2355
IMG 2356
IMG 2357
IMG 2358

Coiling by Joan. sampler of some amazing stitches. class taught by Jan Bonnell every Monday 9:00am. Large cabochon used as center. Gorgeous!

20200212 120827

Friendship towels woven by Gail Garity.  not for sale. she takes them home and gifts them to friends and family. no two alike. 10 towels - great job!

20200212 113940

20200129 135215

this s a flamingo tapestry made by Beth Olive. She used a bamboo cording ( not

recommended for tapestry) but she made it work. She used the back side of the same warp to weave a turtle for a set. sorry i didn’t get a photo. 


Christine Parker modeling her new handwoven scarf. i think this was done a rigid heddle loom. 

20200129 102600