On Going Classes

          Beginner Weaving Classes The beginning weaving classes will be offered twice a year, spring and fall.   If interested come in and sign up now. You will be contacted for an exact start date along with further class information.  Classes run officially for 3 weeks every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 9AM untill noon. Cost is $40.00 plus membership fee of $12. Instructors are Jan Wolford.

          Coiling Baskets continuing with Jan Bonnell every Monday 9:00am to noon. Beginners need to purchase a coil basket kit for $55.00. Her Thursday afternoon Explorations in Coiling has also moved to Monday combining both groups of new and experienced coilers.

          Rigid Heddle   This friendly fun group will be moving to Tuesday mornings.  Feel free to drop in and get acquainted with everyone. Contact Sue Huber or Carol Shirley with questions. 

          The Next Step to Floor Looms with Bernie Morrill by appointment. The 'Next Step’ is series of coaching sessions that will take a new weaver thru the steps of moving from a small table loom to a full sized floor loom. The act of throwing the shuttle back and forth across the warp is only about 10% of the complete cloth making process.  Contact Bernie to sign up.  

          Inkle Weaving continuing with Barb Munn Tuesdays noon. Barb Munn, Pat Dyer and Jane Quitney will head the group.  The club has several Inkle looms to use for student use. 

         Learn to Spin with Vivian Burns continuing Wednesday 9:00 am. The Spinners continue to meet on Wednesdays and offer club members the opportunity to learn the tactile art of Spinning. The club has spinning wheels for teaching and the group is always happy to show what they’ve learned to someone new.

          Woven Baskets continuing with Marty Davies all day Friday beginning at 9:00 am.  Class cost is $50 for the basket weaving kit. 

          Knitting & Crochet  come knit and crochet with Georgia Press on Thursdays afternoon, noon to 3pm.

          Tapestry Weaving on simple looms. With Maggie Weyers.  This is an on-going class Wednesday afternoon.  Noon to 3:00pm weekly. $20.00.  Students will start on a small portable loom with linen warp and rug wool weft.  This is a basic class enough to get a weavers started. There will also be an assortment of cartoon patterns to choose from. Looms and tapestry needles will be supplied for the cost of the class.

          All members are welcome to be in the club room during classes. Feel free to bring your question/problems and finished items to share and discuss. We love show and tell. 

               Please let us know if there are any other topics you’d like to explore and we’ll add them to the list.   And stop by the club room at Oakmont for details and to sign up for any of these classes.