Message from the President

Hi everyone!  

       Hope you are all fairing well during this unusual time, and staying healthy.  We have some exciting news - we are working with RCSC to re-open the weaving room!  While we don't have a date yet, we have submitted a plan for opening up and it is currently being reviewed by the RCSC committee. 

      There will (of course) be some changes to usage of the room that will take all of us a bit of getting used to, but nothing that we can't accomplish with a bit of cooperation and good humor. 

1. Masks will be MANDATORY in the room.  If you want to walk in for 5 minutes or 5 hours, you MUST have a mask on.  The club is NOT providing masks, you need to bring your own.  

2. Any food to be consumed must be done on the patio - no eating in the room.

3. The club will be providing hand sanitizer and cleaning products for the room - please do not take any of those items home.   Members need to wipe down the equipment after usage (ball winder, coffee pot, loom, etc).

4. A 6 ft distancing will be enforced.  That means that people may NOT sit together at a table, work on adjacent looms, or be in close contact.  

5. Spinners and other groups can begin meeting again provided they can work within the 6 ft guidelines. 

6. If you feel unwell, STAY HOME.  We will miss you, but would rather see you at another time healthy then hear that you are sick. 

          We are going to ask the monitors to step up and enforce the rules.  No one likes playing police, so we are asking for our members to do the right thing, no matter what your personal feelings are about the situation.   Anyone who is in violation of the rules (which will be posted in several places around the room) will be asked to leave, and they may be reported to RCSC and lose their access to the room. 

      I know this is tough - we are used to our freedoms.  But, we have to bear through this time for the common good of our fellow members.  It will get better, and then maybe we can have a 'Bye,Bye,Corona' party!