Membership & Officer List

      General membership meetings are held the3rd Thursday of each month. Annual dues are $12 and membership is open to all RCSC cardholders. Starting in July, dues are $6.00 to cover membership until the end of that calendar year.

          Please stop by the club room at Oakmont to shop and learn more about us. It’s a great place to learn new skills while you make new friends,

          All members are required to monitor several three-hour shifts each year but they can do so while working in the clubroom on their own projects. Among the monitor’s various duties are: opening or closing the club room, welcoming visitors, helping to answer their questions, make their purchases and signing folks up for club membership or participation in club classes.

Officer List 2019- 2020

President:  Mary Humme.   

Vice-President:   Carolyn Andrews 

Secretary:  Tina Fuller

Treasurer:  Karen Webber.   

Past President:  Sheryl Merkel   

Member at Large:  Maggie Weyers & Roberta Ayotte.  

Committee Chairs 2019

Publicity:  Jan Wolford

Equipment: Maggie Weyers & Jan Wolford

AZ Federation Rep:  Sheryl Merkel 

Hospitality:  Martha Gentry

Library:  Ann Prior & Georgia Press

Membership:  Maggie Weyers

Monitors:  Carol Bowman

Quality Control:  Roberta AyotteJan Bonnell & Carol Carvalho

Communication:  Maggie Weyers

Telephone Contact:  

Room Chair:  


Sunshine:  Carolyn Haven

Swedish Weaving & Inkle:  Barb Munn


Beginning Weaving:  Jan Wolford & Martha Gentry

Intermediate Weaving:  Bernie Morrell

Baskets:  Marty Davies

Inkle:  Barb Munn & Jane Quitney 

Spinning:  Vivian Burns

Coiled Baskets:  Jan Bonnell

Tapestry Weaving  Maggie Weyers